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I should have posted these a LONG LONG time ago… but WOW! I have been busy!

My life has definitely changed tremendously since Ryan and I moved to Seattle at the end of last year. I went from not working and having PLENTY of time to sit at the computer and write blog posts and such, to working constantly, trying to concentrate on finishing up my Bachelor, finding ways to get involved in Seattle, and getting the privilege to participate in loads of other fun things!

HOWEVER…. I definitely want to continue House to Home…. so I am taking time to share some awesome pics of our apartment that we moved into at the beginning of the year.

These are the “before” pictures, and I will add some of the decorating progress as we continue to add decor!

Here is a view of the apartment building and its proximity to the Space Needle.  Read The Rest

Finally! New project reveal!

YAY! It’s finished and I can finally put the pictures up! Several people have posted about making and upholstering benches, chairs, etc… so I figured I would try my hand at it. My wonderful husband helped… a lot! =) We made and covered a bench! Black and white hounds tooth, you can’t go wrong with this classic look! Read The Rest

Beckie at Infarrantly Creative ~ Guest Post

I am so excited to have Beckie here from Infarrantly Creative today! She is absolutely fantastic and I just know you are going to LOVE her stuff! So let’s get to it…Take it away, Beckie!

My name is Beckie Farrant, author of Infarrantly Creative and Roadkill Rescue Hero!  A what??? A Roadkill Rescue Hero? Yep, I pride myself in finding curbside castaways and revamping them into usable and beautiful decor.

Take this old hutch for example…


I flipped it upside down, added some dowel rods and a little molding and created a Pottery Barn inspired book rack for my baby girl’s room.

I found this 80’s parquet China cabinet that needed a new lease on life.  It had chunks of wood missing on the sides and was destined for the dump.IMG_1298
So I thought outside the box and used paint sticks to cover the blemishes.  Once painted you would never know the difference. Then I added some bead board wallpaper to cover up the parquet doors, a little fabric, new knobs and a few coats of black paint and she is fabulous!
IMG_1538I found a vintage TV cabinet left for dead on the side of the road.TV cabinet After removing the TV and making a few adjustments it is gorgeous as a console table in my entryway.
IMG_0825I have recently begun a love relationship with reupholstering.  I took two vintage wingback chairs and turned them into show stopping pieces for my family room.


I want to invite each of you to my house. Come visit me at:

Garage Sale End Tables Before & After

Finally!! So, my garage selling on Saturday paid off! I found these awesome end tables and I got both of them for $12! I already had the black paint from painting the stripes on my living room wall, and now the only thing missing is the handles for the drawers. I’m hoping to find some cute, retro looking, black and white ones at Hobby Lobby this week. I’m so excited about the way they turned out!


Getting a few coats of paint….

and the drawers…

And now…… **drum roll** ….. AFTER!!! (Minus the handles…)

So what do you think? I’m so proud of my little project… even if it did take me all day! haha!

Black & White Wall Reveal

HERE IT IS! I know I didn’t get the pictures up as soon as I was wanting to, but they are up now. This is the black and white striped wall. I absolutely love love love it! What do you think?

And a closer look…..

From the beginning… with the help of my wonderful husband! Here he is taping the wall for me.

…. the last of the taping is done.

Here I painted the black stripes with a roller and I’m waiting for my husband to cut in the top part for me. Then it’s on to the white!

The last of the tape is coming off… and it looks SO good!

**NOTE** When we used the roller the black paint bled under the tape a lot, so when we painted the white stripes we cut in the whole thing with a brush and it came out perfect!

So what do you think?? It makes quite the statement! I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.


YAY! We’re done with the red walls in the kitchen! It’s looks great, too. Well, pretty good…. ha. Turns out I’m a terrible painter. The only reason it looks as good as it does is because my wonderful husband went over it the last time trying to cover all of my funky looking spots. The color is really good though! Lets look at a couple of “before” pics first.

Whoever lived here before us put up this atrocious wallpaper border… yuck! I’m SO glad to have that down now. I have to admit… I was really embarrassed to have people come over with that ugly stuff on the wall! It wasn’t too hard to get down, once again thanks to my husband! =)

And for some reason they were too lazy to take down the original wallpaper boarder…. so they put theirs over it….. and the original stuff that doesn’t match AT ALL is sticking out on each side! Check it out….

…. and here it is coming down!! YAY! It took some scraping to get the “under” layer off the wall… but it’s down now and that’s all that matters!

The above pictures and the red paint are in the dining room side of the dining/kitchen area. This next pic is from the kitchen side. We haven’t painted it yet, but the wallpaper is DOWN. =) You can’t see the sink (to the right of the picture, just out of view) because there are dishes in it. lol….

The painting is now is progress…..

And here it is done!! Not too bad, huh? It’s weird how just adding some color makes a huge difference! I’m really excited to see how the final product will turn out. I’m sure it will take us a while to get everything we done in there finished… but we’re on our way now. =)

So what do you think?? Now for the trim (white) and the other walls (white, too) and at least the painting will be done….. at least until my sideboard gets built. =) That’s going to get painted red, too!

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